I thought id write about a problem that I and lots of other writers everywhere face sometime or the other: WRITER’S BLOCK. Two words that really slow down the pace of my creativity and make me lose my place in my own story. Here’s a fun fact, I’m writing about it because im currently going through this horrendous phenomena and what better way of releasing my frustration than writing about it! Even after reading about how to get over your writer’s block AND trying out every single thing in the list I’m still sitting here, writing about my cataclysm, trying not to hit my head against the wall hoping some sort of idea pops up. And personally I think it’s worse when you finally do start forming some kind of magic concoction in your head but you realize you’re short of a saber-tooth and the one saber-tooth cat in the whole world just lost its teeth and died. Boils my blood really because then I feel like a kid with no friends to hang out with, not that my friends would want to hang out any time soon anyway, and that doesn’t feel so good. I even got up from my very extremely comfortable chair and took a short stroll around the house just because some article told me it MIGHT start making me think again. Well, I’m back in the chair because the house isn’t endless and I’ve heard the sun rays burn vampires so I’m not going out and taking that risk! Next, I tried the “close your eyes and listen to Mozart” trick. Trust me, it only makes you want to become a famous music composer, or on a lower, more realistic scale, you change your main character into a musician and place your story in the 1700’s. Nothing worse than having to destroy your original idea just to change”Mikey” into “Michelangelo”. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little too negative and a lot of lazy. But now, after five cups of coffee and this very chewy piece of candy in my mouth, I think I’m going to get back to Michelangelo and finish writing about his unfortunate failure as a music composer against Mozart. I just gave my story away. Anyhow, I think just writing about my block helped me unblock myself. So maybe its writing about the same thing that bores your mind a little and you just have to focus on something else for a while. This worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you too :)

Blog by Zoya Shah

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Nida Ali Nizam - Aug 10, 2016

Awesome, loved it!

Aroosa Rajput - Aug 10, 2016


Batool - Aug 10, 2016

Very interesting. Kept me on till the end!

Amna - Aug 10, 2016

Very well written

Farha Shah - Aug 10, 2016

Very interesting!

Nelofer - Aug 10, 2016

Loved it. Really interesting. Keep it up.

mehreen - Aug 10, 2016

Very well written Zoya! It depicts all the restlessness u must b feeling at that particular time:)

Nadeem Ahmed - Aug 10, 2016

Hi Zoya,
It is a good start to pen down your thoughts and in the process analyzing your own confusion. Yes, what you need to do is focus !
I believe in you as all you loved ones do. But most of all, believe in your own self is far more important.
Well done !

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