A gift, as an expression of love

Picking out the perfect gift for someone may seem like a tremendous challenge; whether it is gift for a parent, a sibling, that special someone, your children, friends or just a colleague at work. Choosing the right gift for the right occasion may seem like rocket-science to those who are really horrible at the whole gift-giving escapade; yes, I am particularly talking about those relatives who constantly gift that same unflattering glass bowl set every year without fail! I’m sure we all have a cupboard full of those kinds of gifts that will probably never see the light of day. In all honesty, gift-giving is an art; an art of giving sincerely and right from the heart. It is supposed to be a meaningful experience and an expression of the relationship you have with that person. If it’s not, then you probably should just place a few bucks into an envelope and seal it with a kiss!

Gifting a present to your children or your siblings is probably very easy; however, the difficulty level increases when deciding the perfect gift for a spouse. Especially the ones that say ‘Don’t buy me a gift’ while they actually mean ‘you’re going to severely regret it if it’s not as I expect it to be!’ DO NOT; I repeat, DO NOT fall into that! It’s a trap! In those kind of situations (Read: Run while you can), its best to play close attention to your spouse and the subtle hints they are most likely to drop. Try not to blatantly ask questions like ‘Just tell me what you want’ or ‘just write it down and I’ll get it’. It’s not a grocery list and it definitely takes the romance out of the whole experience. Chances are that your spouse probably wants to see you take the effort into giving the perfect gift or at least make the attempt; surely they deserve it!

After you have picked up on those subliminal signs, be as creative as possible! You may not have the chance to put your creative skills to work if what they want is a big screen television set! But you use your imagination in terms of trying to make the experience into an event, like a scavenger hunt; making them search for the gift in the house or making them guess what the gift is. Well that certainly would also give you a chance to list down ideas for the next gift too!


Make every gift personal; attach a hand written card or wrap it up yourself. Everyone loves to see their special someone go the extra mile. Tell them why they chose that particular gift; tell them how you paid heed to their subliminal messages. I’m sure that would be a gift itself!

Well the take home message would be, to put your heart into it! Gifts are given to express how much you care or love someone and it shouldn’t be done as a formality. Make it special, make it count, big or small just make sure it is given out of love!

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